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Sony announces G Series XQD format v.2 memory cards

Sony announces G Series XQD format v.2 memory cards
News / 10/31/2014
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Sony announced a new line of memory cards - the G Series XQD format v.2 memory cards. This series brings fast read and write speeds, which will manage to meet the demands of high-end cameras, such as the Nikon D4 and the Nikon D4S.


Sony announces G Series XQD format v.2 memory cards


Nikon states that these new Sony XQD version 2 memory cards perfectly suit the D4S and claims that with the previous series of XQD cards, the D4S could capture only 133 12-bit NEF files before the buffer would be filled to capacity. As for the G Series, the buffer capacity achieved the rate of 200 actuations.

As far as the read speed of the G Series cards is concerned, it is 400MB/s, which is considerably faster in relation to the previous S Series (180MB/s) and N Series (125MB/s). When it comes to the write speed, it is somewhat lower than 350MB/s. The G Series cards are equipped with a USB 3.0 adapter, which, according to Sony, is said to be able to transfer 60GB of data to an SSD card in 3 minutes (for comparison, CF cards need 7 minutes for the same action).

The G Series memory cards utilize a second generation PCI Express interface, and as far as their capacity is concerned, they come in three versions: 32GB (model QD-G32A), 64GB (QD-G64A), and 128GB (QD-G128A). The 128GB card is the only Sony XQD format memory card with that capacity, bearing in mind that neither the S Series nor the N Series went further than 64GB.

The prices of these Sony G Series HQD v.2 memory cards have not been announced on Sony's official website yet. However, some retailers already offer them for sale, while their prices are as follows: $163.50 for the 32GB model, $363.95 for the 64GB, and $799.95 for the 128GB card.




The news was taken from SONY.