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Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - version 1.40

Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - version 1.40
News / 08/25/2015
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After new firmware for Panasonic lenses, firmware upgrade arrives for Samsung's flagship, Samsung NX1, introduced last September.


Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - version 1.40 


This firmware update, version 1.40, aside from fixing some minor bugs, will enhance the existing properties, such as the audio quality from external microphones, but also add some new functions, among which is image stabilization in the video mode.

The other significant improvements include increased continuous maximum shot counts (15 fps, both for the JPEG and RAW formats), as well as the ability to use autofocus while zooming (with the lenses 12-24mm, 16-50mm S, 16-50mm PZ, 18-55mm III, 50-150mm S, and 50-200mm III; the lenses' firmware must be updated as well).




New firmware for the Samsung NX1 can be downloaded from Samsung's official website.