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Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - v1.2

Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - v1.2
News / 01/27/2015
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Samsung introduced a long-awaited firmware update for its top model Samsung NX1, which was presented at Photokina 2014. The firmware v1.2 brings numerous additional properties, increased customization, as well as several improvements inside the menu.


Samsung NX1 gets new firmware - v1.2


Video recording aficionados will profit most from the new version of firmware since two gamma curves will be added (C and D), Full HD video will obtain a higher bit rate setting, luminance limit will achieve the values of [0-255], [16-235], and [16-255], while as far as autofocus during video recording is concerned, it will be possible to control it in the AF-C mode. What is more, another innovation will be the output of timecode over HDMI for users of external recorders.

Furthermore, there will be enhancements when it comes to handling the camera as well. One of the most important items regarding this part of the improvement is the ability to set exposure compensation or ISO values via one of the camera's main control dials, which is a feature that all its major rival boast. In addition, the direction of the control dial can be reversed, in case you are used to a brand whose control dial operates in the opposite direction. Moreover, the option Auto ISO is available and it can be used in the manual exposure mode, with exposure compensation, in both stills and movie modes.

Above all, the Samsung NX1 now boasts considerable diversity when it comes to button customization. It is possible to adjust the functions of the delete button, of the depth-of-field preview, whereas the AF ON and AEL buttons' functions can switch places; the same goes for the buttons Wi-Fi and [REC].




The latest firmware version for the Samsung NX1, v1.2, can be downloaded from Samsung's official website.