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Paths of the NLW

Paths of the NLW
Review / 06/17/2014
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When he was a little kid, while flipping through his textbook, Peja ran into the partisan monument on the mountain Kozara. It was then that he wished to see it the flesh, but also to see other monuments that marked the period and history of this part of the Balkans.

Finally, in 2014, all the conditions have been fulfilled so that Peja can visit certain places on his bike and meet those who were born after those times, at the same time perhaps reminding some that might have forgotten that period.

Above all, the motto of this journey will be 'Enjoy life!'.

From June 13th over the next ten or so days, follow Peja’s adventures!

Here is his introductory remark:

“Hello, everybody,

my name is Predrag Jelenic and I have been in the media since 2001. This journey is inspired with memorial parks dedicated to the National Liberation Movement of the people of this region.

Being an apolitical person, I do not start this journey with an ideological belief, yet driven by a wish to meet the mutual cultural and historical heritage that some are proud of, but others wish to erase from their past. Almost thirty years ago, in the textbook for the subject 'Get to Know Society', I saw a photograph of the monument on Kozara and was amazed at how enormous that monument was in comparison to a man that was standing nearby. Sometime later, I realized that there are monuments of that kind all over the former SFRY.

I will not hide the fact that I was impressed with them, since it was then that I felt an urge to visit them all. However, the 1990’s arrived, and after them the 2000’s, and I thought about it less and less. Up until the beginning of this year, 2014, when it occurred to me that the time was right for that journey. I have fixed my motorcycle, thought of how to report about the journey, at the moment I am bringing the preparations to an end – and on June 13th, off I go!

It was only recently that I have realized that the journey is about to start on Friday the 13th, but it has turned out that in my case there is not a jinx on that day; what is more, some quite positive things happened to me on that day. I hope that that tradition will not be broken this time.”