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Nikon P900 gets firmware update

Nikon P900 gets firmware update
News / 08/17/2015
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After firmware updates were issued for the models Fuji X-T1, Samsung NX500, and Sony Alpha a6000 this summer, the most powerful superzoom camera so far, Nikon P900, has had its firmware updated.


Nikon P900 gets firmware update 


The firmware version v1.2 will resolve complications that occur when using the optional Nikon ML-L3 remote control during movie recording. Namely, the shutter is released only once, at the beginning of the recording; however, the problem arises when the user wishes to end the movie recording - the shutter cannot be released at the end of the recording.




The new firmware for the Nikon P900, v1.2, can be downloaded from Nikon's official website.