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Nikon D4S boasts new firmware update, Version 1.20

Nikon D4S boasts new firmware update, Version 1.20
News / 04/24/2015
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Seven months after firmware update on the Nikon D4S, this top-notch DSLR receives a new firmware version. This update brings significant improvements concerning a number of functions, the most essential of which is definitely the removal of the limitation on the number of images that can be shot in a single continuous burst in the manual and shutter priority exposure modes.


Nikon D4s boasts new firmware update, version 1.20 


The firmware Version 1.20 will replace the versions 1.00 and 1.10, and thanks to it, the Nikon D4S will now be compatible with the Nikon Speedlight SB-500 flash unit. With this update, Nikon also the shutter settings in the T (Time) mode, so the shutter can now remain open until the user presses the shutter release button for the second time. Until now, the settings were such that the shutter could remain open for the maximum of 30 minutes in the T mode.

Another considerable change has to do with the way in which the AF points are located in the viewfinder when the camera switches from the landscape to the portrait orientation and the other way around. This change takes place if the user has previously configured the camera to shift the active AF areas when the orientation of the camera is switched, or if the focus button on the lens is used while the camera is customized to operate in the AF-Area mode with the lens-based AF buttons.

Nikon has also stated that the new firmware resulted in the auto white balance system being more consistent.




For more details about the firmware 1.20 for the Nikon D4S, or to download the firmware, please visit Nikon's official website.