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Nikon Coolpix A obtains a new firmware version - 1.11

Nikon Coolpix A obtains a new firmware version - 1.11
News / 06/12/2014
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Nikon presented a new version of firmware for the model Nikon Coolpix A. What characterizes this update (Version 1.11) is a decreased minimum focus distance (in the normal focus mode), as well as improvements regarding the auto-focus acquisition. The rest of the improvements are slight, such as an enhanced battery performance during interval shooting.


Nikon CoolPix A obtains a new firmware version - 1.11 


In sum, the upgrades are as follows:


- The focus range in the normal focus mode was modified and it now ranges between approximately 30 cm and infinity from the center of the front surface of the lens, in comparison to the earlier range - between approximately 50 cm and infinity.

- The auto-focus acquisition rate was boosted when the scene within the frame displays excessively high level of contrast.

- In the manual focus mode, the color of the focus area was changed to white, which enables one to identify the current focus mode more easily.

- Battery consumption during interval shooting was reduced, which results in interval shooting taking place over a considerably lengthier period of time when the camera uses the power generated by the battery.




More detailed features of the firmware update for the Nikon Coolpix A can be found on Nikon’s official website.