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Issues with flare in a certain number of Nikon D750 bodies

Issues with flare in a certain number of Nikon D750 bodies
News / 01/15/2015
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Following a complaint filed by a certain number of Nikon D750 users, who stated that some D750 units had experienced odd flare patterns when bright light sources were located just outside the frame when shooting, Nikon put out a statement which said that this problem indeed occurred with some models - however, only when the source of light was at a very narrow range of angles in relation to the camera. The flare occurs in the upper part of the photograph, with a shadow in the shape of a dark band across the top of the frame, which blocks the subject of the image.


Issues with flare in a certain number of Nikon D750 bodies. Nikon announces free service


The team of experts at Imaging Resource looked into the matter and arrived at the conclusion that the identical irregularity, although to a smaller extent, occurred with other high-class DSLR cameras, such as the Canon EOS-1D X. Their results indicated that internal reflections within the AF module at the bottom of DSLR bodies represented the heart of the problem. Even though there is a light baffle that covers the AF module at the time of releasing the shutter, a certain amount of light can find its way inside nevertheless, and thus be reflected by the AF module.

With regard to the entire situation, the leaders of Nikon have stated that the company will inspect cameras which exhibited the said issue, and, if necessary, service them - of course, without any financial compensation.

The service will be started at the end of the current month.




Nikon's statement in full can be found on their official website.