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Inspiration - Predrag Petkovic DeVil

Inspiration - Predrag Petkovic DeVil
Review / 01/25/2016
Author: ZoranR avatarZoranR
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One of the crucial differences among photographers is the style in photography that makes them recognizable. Hobbyists and amateurs usually don’t have their specific style, so their portfolio is very colorful since their motives are usually colorful. There’s nothing wrong with that, since it’s important that an amateur photographer enjoys what he/she is doing, which precisely is the essence of any hobby. However, some photographers have got motives, persistence, and knowledge to make their work different from the majority, by specializing in one style of photography. Sometimes, even that’s not enough, because such an action leads to a higher league, where the competition is way stronger... so the expectations are way higher. One of those that successfully grapples with the competition in the field of macro photography is Predrag Petkovic, known as Devil.

Predrag has always been impressed with the macro world. In 2009, he bought his first DSLR camera. That was a Nikon D90, in combination with a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens, by which he finally bought a ticket for entering that strange world, sometimes invisible to the naked eye. Let’s get this straight – macro photography is one of the most demanding braches of photography, so you need exceptional persistence and love in order to overcome all the problems that a photographer with such a narrow field of work runs into. Understandably enough, Predrag didn’t hesitate to go to older colleagues for advice, and to perfect its knowledge of the matter through constant practice. One of the key factors for creating macro photography is light, but it’s not important only to provide it, but to control it, too. A step forward in that direction was a purchase of a Nikon SB600 flashgun.

This is how Predrag sees his hobby:

I truly enjoy macro photography and for me it represents only a hobby, a reason to get away into the countryside, and a way to recharge my batteries. I mostly capture insects because I’m fascinated with their build and behavior. More often than not, I travel for a couple of dozen kilometers to my destination for shooting. What’s interesting is that some of my best macro photographs were captured in my backyard, which only proves the rule that most often we don’t notice insects, even though they are everywhere around us. I’m not preoccupied with the results in which ‘a successful working macro day’ is defined by quantity, yet I’m satisfied with only one successful macro photograph in order for my stay in the countryside that day to be successful.

Predrag uses a couple of macro lenses and bodies, magnifying glass, and various other equipment, and he mostly uses the Nikon D7100 in combination with the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro lens. He also uses the Canon 5D Mark II paired with the exceptional Canon MP-E65 65mm f/2.8 Macro lens. The fact that he uses the focus stacking technique proves that it’s not all about equipment. That impressive technique boosts the quality of regular macro photography, and he even wrote an article on that topic.

Predrag’s really got an extensive portfolio, full of fascinating images, which, unfortunately, can’t be presented in all their glory in this article, but I could seriously get down to thinking about the topic Predrag Petkovic Mark II.

Enjoy the images, which are only a portion of Predrag’s collection.


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