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Company Lee Filters produces filter system for GoPro cameras

Company Lee Filters produces filter system for GoPro cameras
News / 07/04/2014
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Lee Filters, a company that produces camera filters and lighting gel, presented a substantial number of filters and filter holders intended to be used by extreme sports enthusiasts who accompany their performance with GoPro action cameras. Therefore, Lee Filters launched their product, the so-called Lee Bug, in two different versions, the Lee Bug 3 and the Lee Bug 3+, and both of them can be combined with GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cameras.


Company Lee Filters produces filter system for GoPro cameras 


The filter holder, which is described by Lee as "compact and robust", is mounted over the lens of Hero cameras and it results in filters the size of the Bug being positioned in the light path. Each holder is accompanied by two filters, whose dimensions are 36 x 31 mm. The Bug Action Kit, intended to be used above ground, will consist of a holder with a 3-stop neutral density graduated filter as well as a circular polarizer made of glass. As far as the Bug Underwater Kit is concerned, it will encompass a holder together with blue-water and green-water filters designed to correct colors, thus bringing the visibility underwater to the highest possible level.

Moreover, the company Lee Filters announced that it intended to expand this series of filters with additional ones, for instance with ND filters, with the aim of making video shooting in bright conditions even smoother, as well as that the company would take into consideration suggestions put forward by GoPro users.


The recommended retail prices for the Lee Bug kits are as follows:


- Lee Bug 3 Action kit - £59.02

- Lee Bug 3+ Action kit - £66.31

- Lee Bug 3 Underwater kit - £45.20

- Lee Bug 3+ Underwater kit - £52.62




The news was taken from LEEFILTERS.