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Canon EF lenses got new, reduced, prices

Canon EF lenses got new, reduced, prices
News / 09/09/2014
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Under the slogan 'Milestone for us! NEW PRICES for you!', Canon US ushered a few price reductions that have to do with its collection of lenses, including a great number of L-series models.


 Canon EF lenses got new, reduced, prices


According to announcements from Canon, the reduction of prices took place in honor of a special jubilee - the production of the 100 millionth EF lens! The discount prices vary from a modest $40, all the way to a $1000 discount on the original retail price, which, of course, depends on a lens. The EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM draws attention to itself since its original manufacturer's suggested retail price is reduced by 500 dollars and it now totals $999.




Feel free to check the list of all the lenses at a discount on the official website of the company Canon US.