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Ball-shaped Panono Camera for panoramic images announced

Ball-shaped Panono Camera for panoramic images announced
News / 10/24/2014
Broj preporuka 1, Ocena 4


The German company Panono produced a ball-shaped Panono Camera, which has the ability to capture spherical panoramic images. This camera the size of a grapefruit contains 36 small cameras arranged in such a way as to face every direction, so you literally cannot miss anything! These 36 minute cameras are activated simultaneously, and the images captured are merged into one huge spherical panoramic image that contains stunning 108 megapixels!


Ball-shaped Panono Camera for panoramic images announced


When an image is displayed in a regular rectangular window, it can be scrolled left and right, as well as up and down, so that it offers a 360-degree view of the scene. This camera can be managed by means of a smartphone application thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, by activating a timer or by simply pressing a shutter release button on the device itself.

Even though this camera is mainly used for photographing by throwing it into the air, it can also be set on a tripod with the help of an optional adapter or on a self-portrait stick - and these tripods are automatically removed from photographs. As for the internal memory of the camera, it provides space for up to 400 photographs.

The Panono Camera will emerge on the world market in the spring of 2015, and its price will be $549.




Please find spherical panoramic images captured by the Panono Camera on the official website of the Panono company.